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blah de blah

2014-09-28 15:59:11 by Freaki-boy92


hey i don't update this thing nearly as much as i should

2013-07-25 21:46:34 by Freaki-boy92

oh dear this has turned into my old myspace where i updated it like, 3 times, with 2 of them being apologies for the lack of updates!

heh ah i bet none of you even give a shit anyways imma just keep on going it's not like my life is particularly eventful

big props to my friend and moirail nep, she is truely an awesome person.

got a ps3

2013-04-20 14:16:20 by Freaki-boy92

psn: mcfreaki92
add me if you like

as you may have guessed from the title; my dog, Benny, had a stroke this morning, he is on his way to the vet to be put down as we speak.
Benny was a friendly, loving and all-around good dog, and he was always there for me when I needed him. He saved me from offing myself during my darkest hour.
I am currently alternating between feeling numb and crying, that dog was the best friend any person could wish for.

so here's a haiku, in memory of my dog

The cold wind will blow
and I shall long for your warmth
but you have moved on

RIP Benny Belcher, I am missing you already.


2012-03-13 15:10:06 by Freaki-boy92

got a youtube account?
like videogames?
like funny things?

well, allow me to direct you to the Continue Show

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what I would like you to do is follow this linkand click that little button that says "subscribe". These guys are super funny, likeable, and more deserving of subscribers than some bloke who ate a stick of deodorant in less than a minute.

thank you for reading, and spread the word if you agree that these guys are awesome.

job interview!

2012-03-06 13:31:12 by Freaki-boy92

yeah, I've got a job interview for mcDonald's in Garston, Watford coming up on Sunday.

I'm looking forward to it, hopefully I'll start earning a bit of money.

EDIT: I shall find out the result sometime next week.
EDIT 2: i never even got a reply

as of 9 days ago, my cousin is officially a royal marine commando. I know some of you will be saying "why didn't you go with him", to that I reply "Because I'm a wimp".

nonetheless, I am proud of my cousin- the man I've grown up with, the closest thing I have to a brother- the man, the legend, the marine. Paul Gavigan.

oh noes- World of Warcraft is sucking me in!

2012-01-04 13:47:40 by Freaki-boy92

I just bought the battle chest as an upgrade from the free version.

I've been playing it almost every day for about a week now.

I now have a laptop which doesn't suck! yaaaay!

new lappy

2011-03-12 17:36:14 by Freaki-boy92

well, I say it's new, it's actually quite old, but that's not the point- the point is I'M BACK IN BLACK MOTHERFUCKERS!

now I can be on NG again.